august 29th, 2004

Last radio update : Underwater added, studio version featured on Da 63 projekt.
The playlist is finalized.

august 28th, 2004

Radio update : Inner pulse added, studio version featured on Da 63 projekt

august 27th, 2004

Radio update : Sick seekers added, studio version featured on Da 63 projekt

august 26th, 2004

Radio update : On the very day added, studio version featured on Da 63 projekt

august 25th, 2004

Radio update : Within my prism added, studio version featured on Da 63 projekt

august 24th, 2004

Radio update : Turtle soup added, studio version featured on Da 63 projekt

august 23rd, 2004

yes, yes, believe it or not, this an update, quite a big one, too

4 new reviews, some fresh and some less fresh, have been added in the press section.

3 new distributors are offering our debut album, da 63 projekt, for sale :

A couple more radio shows played tracks from our album, such as WITR's Night Vision (89.7 FM in Rochester, New York) and once again during the show INTERFERÊNCIAS.

Finally, as you may have noticed, we just launched the aLkemy radiod, offering some tracks from our first album in their full length, as well as some live tracks recorded during our past concerts.
So far, only live tracks are available to listen to, but check back regularly here and you'll get the chance to listen to the studio tracks. Quite regularly actually, 1 new studio track will be added daily to the radio throughout this week. The word is : visit the site EVERY DAY of this week to listen to the daily brand new track.
Of course, once the playlist is finalized, you'll be able to listen too all the tracks uploaded, looped, until the end of times, and even beyond.

july 19th, 2004

our debut album da 63 projekt was up in position #3 in the charts of british magazine Jazzwise, published in Englans. Jazzwise is the leading jazz magazine of England, released monthly.

a new distributor is offering da 63 projekt for sale :
a new review was added in our press page. This time from the webzine called Progressive Ears.

yet again a "suprise website" mentioning our name and our album. Yet again a japanese website, everything is here, and yet again, we hope that someone will help us out with that... email us.

last week, 3 out of 4 members of the band gave an interview to a french radio station, which should be aired next month hopefuly. The remaining fourth (and not the least...) will be interviewed in a couple days to finish it up. You should be able to listen to it live online, we'll put it up here on the website as well for download.

thinking of putting a radio on the website to listen to a couple full tracks of the album.
thinking of putting a forum on the website, why not ??
thinking of creating a desktop theme featuring the band, but really, why ??...

7 juillet 2004

3 new reviews in the press page, from Ghostland (USA, not yet released...), Progressor (Uzbekistan) and Rockprogressivo (Brazil)

The interview we gave for is available as of now !! Click here to read it translated in English, or here to read it in French.

Some more radio airplay, in the show INTERFERÊNCIAS on a spanish (?) radio, on Radio Enlace (Madrid, Spain) in the show "los recuerdos del unicornio" and the show MUSICALLY INCORRECT on the Australian radio INNER FM.

july, 1st 2004

listen to Ytse Radio saturday july 3rd 12:00PM-1:00PM (EST) and sunday july 4th 11:00AM-12Noon (EST) to hear 2 tracks from our album da 63 projekt as well as other artists from Unicorn Records.
The Ytse Jam Playlist for Saturday 3 July/04 12:00PM-1:00 PM (AT)
(Repeated Sunday 4 July/04 11:00 AM – 12 Noon)
**Specializing in prog rock & metal, instrumental prog rock & metal, and fusion**

4 new reviews added to the press page, from Antithetik (France), Tales of wonder (Italy), Moodswings (USA) and Le (Belgium).
more reviews on their way during the summer, they'll be posted here as they come.

yet again some new distributors offering "da 63 projekt" for sale : Again, a complete list of distributors is available here.

Surprise !! We found this link leading to a japanese website mentioning our name and album. Is it a review ?? Is it a distributor ?? Is it a bird ??... If someone knows this site and /or speaks japanese, email me and let me know what this is all about...

Tracks by aLkemy aired in Portugal on Radio Terra Nova during the show "O SONHO DO ROCK 'N' ROLL" (The Best Prog Radio Show in Portugal). If they tell you it's the best, it's gotta be true, right ??

Some "new" mp3 samples are available on this site for your listening pleasure.
Real soon an entire song will be available to download here on our site. Above all, free. And an updated bio. And more reviews. And a radio interview (see below). And..... nothing, that's it.

Finally, aLkemy has been interviewed for a french webzine (published soon) and a french radio, the show will aired sometimes soon and you'll be able to tune in online to hear it live (better if you speak french, though), or hear it NOT live, archived here on our site (still better if you speak french). We will announce the day, place and time when the moment comes.

may 28th, 2004

2 new reviews added to the press page

may 24th, 2004

Here are a few more stores offering "da 63 projekt" for sale : A complete list of distributors, with direct links, can be found here.

A bunch of reviews added, in english, in french, in german, in italian...

A lot of radio airplay worldwide, with one interview for the show "Mark from Holland" on a dutch radio. Air play in the shows PROGDEPENDENT on the german radio, canadian show ILLUSIONS AUDITIVES, on l'ULCERE DE VOS NUITS based on Montréal, several times in the show SPECTRUM in Germany, in Poland with MLWZ on Radio Alfa Krakow, in Canada on LA VILLA STRANGIATO, once again in Canada on INFINITE CEILING.

Still no confirmation for some upcoming shows in France, but keep checking here on a regular basis.

april 19th, 2004

the album "da 63 projekt" is now available for online ordering through these websites, as well as in stores in those countries :

you can order your copy on these websites.

aLkemy debuts on US radio !! the show called the GAGLIARCHIVES on WBZC based on Philadelphia (88.9 et 95.1 in New Jersey, Pennsylvannie and Delaware) featured sone tracks from the album "da 63 projekt" on saturday april, 17th. april 11th, 2004, 2004

"da 63 projekt" was released on april 1st. it will soon be available in a store near you (it is being sold to distributors right now). check back for a listing of stores and websites selling the CD.
For now, you can order the CD through UNICORN RECORDS' online store.
a new review (in french) has been added
concert dates in france are being lined up right now. check back for a complete listing

march 16th, 2004

the band's debut album, "da 63 projekt" will be released on april 1st, 2004, thanks to canadian label UNICORN RECORDS.
you can already preorder it on the label's online store by clicking here.
you'll also find more mp3 samples.

as of now you can subscribe and receive aLkemy's newsletter (enter your email address further up the page), you will be kept updated with the band's activities.

again, again request aLkemy on radio.

january 14th, 2004

birth of the english version of the site.

good news : our album da 63 projekt got someone interested in. the band is going to sign with candian label UNICORN RECORDS for a GLOBAL release of the album in the coming moths. keep checking for more info, when we know it.

(re)discover samples remixed et remasterised from the album da 63 projekt.

request aLkemy on radio station.