aLkemy is a band playing a unique blend of rock and fusion, formed during the summer of 2000 and based in Bordeaux, France. Together their songs mix the energy, the form and the rhythms of rock music with the harmony, the soloing and the precision of jazz. Their influences range from Dream theater, Queensr˙che to Chick Corea Elektric Band, Miles Davis or Pat Metheny Group.

Soon after the creation of the band and a couple of concerts, aLkemy records a 3 track demo, then 4 more tracks to complete what will become their first demo, "Stockholm syndrome" (quickly selling out). The band wins Blanquefort's Battle of the bands (jury's prize) in may 2001.
After a year playing as a power trio (guitar/voice - drums - bass), the band spreads out to a 4 piece group, hiring a much needed keyboard player. A few more songs are written and the band gets to play on bigger stages and bigger audiences, such as Moliere Theater and Barbey Theater in Bordeaux. Shortly after these shows, aLkemy gets the opportunity to record a full length album. A few big shows are played in between the sessions (outdoor festivals), including a feature in the Zenith Arena in Pau.
aLkemy's debut album, da 63 projekt, after 3 different mixing sessions is finalized during the end of 2003 and released worlwide by UNICORN RECORDS in 2004.

aLkemy consists of :

Lionel Bertrand began drumming at early age 5. He took private lessons while playing with a few garage bands, then enrolled in Dante Agostini's superior national drumming school. He is now a professional live sound engineer ranging from outdoor festivals to clubs all over the country.
Lionel Bertrand on drums
Aurélien Budynek on guitar and vocals
Aurélien Budynek picked up the guitar at 9, playing mainly blues and classic rock. He enrolled in CIAM (local jazz conservatory) for 3 years will teaching private lessons in a local music school. In the fall of 2002 he began taking classes at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, and is now in his 2nd year as a guitar performance major.
Aurélie Martin began piano at a very early age. As a classically trained musician, she followed classes in a conservatory and got a golden medal a few years ago. She now lives in Paris as a student.
Aurélie Martin on keys
Philippe Sifre on bass and backing vocals
Philippe Sifre started playing around 14 and soon got into a lot of different bands ranging from funk to thrash metal to jazz to rock. He took 2 years of classes in CIAM. He's still following studies in industrial graphism.